A Complete Guide to Different Kinds of Massage

Woman Having a Back Oil Massage

If you notice your body keenly, you would know that it sends signs of requiring a good massage. It will also be good if the body tells what kind of massage is required at present. It is best to take a Swedish massage as it relaxes both the first time massage recipients as well as those who require a full body relaxing massage. Apart from Swedish massage, there are different kinds of massage that offer a variety of benefits. When you visit a massage parlor in Trichy, you can share your requirements and the therapist will help you in choosing the right type of massage.

The experienced massage therapists in Trichy would analyze your body condition, know the areas of pain and stress and suggest a massage that is suitable for your body. Let us discuss some popular massage types in this blog.

Swedish Massage:
It is a massage that is focussed on relaxation of body. The therapist would use gliding and long strokes, circular and kneading motions to ease the shallow pressure in the muscles. When aromatherapy is added, it enhances relaxation.
The main benefit of Swedish massage is it helps to ease superficial tension and relaxes the muscles. The Swedish massage also helps in booting circulation of blood throughout the body.
If you are looking to get relief from moderate or light pain in your shoulders and back or new to massage, you should definitely try Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:
As the name suggests, it targets deep tissues of the body. It helps to relieve tension in deep layers of fascia and muscle tissues. The therapist would use intensive kneading techniques in this massage. It is best for release severe tension and assists in improving range of motion. If you are suffering from severe pains and aches and require more pressure than the classic Swedish massage, you need to try deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone Massage:
Apart from depending only on hands to remove the stubborn knots, heated basalt stones are placed on back of the body to melt tight areas. The massage therapist knows where to place and ensure to place at right point to remove the stubborn knots in the body. It helps in relieving tense areas. Moreover, the heat passing from the stone improves in blood flow. If you are suffering from loosening or hard trouble spots and require therapeutic heat to relax and get relief from pain, you need to consider hot stone massage.

Sports Massage:
It is mostly designed for athletes. It is almost like Swedish massage and helps to find pains caused due to repetitive motion. It aids active people to recover quickly from injury and stress. It offers fast workout recovery times and provides an improved range of motion. It also helps in enhancing performance. People who are receiving regular sports massage report these benefits after the massage therapy. If you are frequently working out or play sports and wish to maintain your body in best condition, sports massage is the best option.

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